The Simulation Centre

SimEduSmart offers effective technologies and an interactive environment for all participants (doctors, nurses) to get prepared for not foreseen situations in medical treatment, in general and military healthcare. The system provides a flexible, user-friendly, high quality and real-life training experience for its users.

The simulation centre offers a manikin-centred simulation environment which can be designed in several ways, depending on priorities. Such priorities can derive from the actual purposes of the actual training, the specific area of healthcare, the target group of the educational activities, the type of simulators used or the external features of the training location or the available trainers.

Areas whereSimEduSmart can be effectively used:

  • Traumatology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Oxyology
  • Intensive Therapy
  • Triage Systems
  • Psychology
  • Group Dynamics – „non-medical skills” training
  • Nursing
  • Crisis Management
  • Reanimation

Medical education using intelligent patient simulator (manikin)

Medical/educational professionals (Trainers and practising doctors) elaborate clinical cases and situations, which produce the adequate symptoms on the patient simulator, if input into the control module and the simulator. It is important that medical students develop their diagnostic skills during the years of academic education, also learning the effective and adequate treatment protocols.

The educational-medical professionals, Trainers can also fine-tune situations with various physiological parameters, which results an even more real-life behaviour of the patient simulator.

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