SimEduSmart Frameset

The knowledge Base:

The Student prepares for the simulation exercise with the support of SimEduSmart Knowledge Base.

Theoretical media

Stores articles and educational materials. Can be edited with the appropriate access rights.

Examination protocols

Shows examination protocol phases and order of a given symptom.


Diagnostic calculators which use various measurement figures to describe the patient’s status.

Description of Scenarios

Cases were elaborated if they can be modelled well in a simulation environment. Cases are processed by medical experts and fine tune during tests with the patient simulator.

Video Storage

Master videos and other educational videos.

The exercise is recorded and the video is saved in the Video storage.

The Trainer and the Student can view the full exercise on a web interface. The institution can select an option to give access to the Student to view the recording from home. The record of two cameras can be viewed together, the patient monitor and the event log, the written evaluation of the Trainer about the exercise. The Trainer can append comments to the video recording and its events.

  • evaluation of errors and mistakes
  • areas for development
  • develop knowledge, repeat and new exercises

Screenshot about a master video